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by Mrs. Novella McClung

Novella and Jackie McClung are active members of Beaver Dam Baptist Church, leading out in many ministries, some of which they have personally initiated.

Novella is a 2007 graduate of Gardner-Webb University and a teacher of the Maranatha Sunday School Class.

The Word for Today is Burnt

February 27, 2021

The word for today is burnt. According to, burnt is the past tense of burn. It also means consuming or to destroy. When you use the word burnt the damage has already taken place.

Our first Thanksgiving resulted in what my husband called a burnt offering – not my fault! We rented an apartment where everything in the oven came out burnt. (That same husband learned to never leave and go to Grandma’s to eat). Since those days, he now ‘likes’ any food that is burnt (cooked by his wife)! Later on, my daughter gave me a refrigerator magnet that announced ‘dinner was ready when the smoke alarm went off’ – there again the burnt was not my fault but I did get a new toaster out of it. I have learned burnt happens to all of us.

The word burnt is used 328 times in the Bible (KJV), from Genesis to Revelation. Noah offered the first burnt offering to God after the flood in Genesis 8 and Revelation 8 reveals the destruction of grass and trees in the end times. God gave Moses instructions about a burnt offering and other offerings for the children of Israel to give in order to be able to come into Holy God’s presence – which was/is without sin.

The burnt offering was a voluntary offering. The giver made the offering as propitiation – an offering to take our place/sin and the consequences. It showed complete surrender and devotion to God. This element of worship involved an animal sacrifice and was based on one’s ability to pay for the animal. One could offer a bull, ram or goat down to a small pigeon. The animal always had to be without blemish. The entire offering (animal) was offered. You could not hold back part of it. The burnt offering symbolized unholy people approaching a Holy God.

As I read about the procedure the priests went through it gives me great thanksgiving/joy we do not have to do that today. Jesus Christ came as my propitiation. Jesus is the perfect sacrifice. In Jesus we have God’s only Son leaving eternal glory/Heaven to pay my sin debt. Jesus took ALL my sins when He died on the cross for me.

Look anew at the burnt offering sacrifice. Jesus came voluntarily to die for my sins. I must voluntarily accept His death/burial and resurrection to pay for my sins. Jesus, the sinless Son of God took on my sins because He was capable of paying the price. In my sinful state, I could/can not pay the price. Jesus gave me His life for my sins – a debt I could/can never pay. This burnt offering sacrifice reminds me Jesus gave Himself – totally, completely so I could enter the presence of God. Jesus gave His all; I must give all my sins, my total life, my total commitment to Him.

I do not have to try to ‘be good’ or ‘do good’ or ‘do right’. I have tried to do all these things but the bottom line is I am still a sinner and cannot do them. I try! I can’t do it! But I have a burnt offering that paid the price and now stands before God as my offering. I am made new, clean, made whole – I do not worry about what I have to do to earn God’s love. I have Jesus as my Savior! Amen! Amen!

God wants a relationship with you. You must voluntarily accept Jesus as the sacrificial offering (the way) to have that relationship. Jesus, the sinless man, takes your sins – they are washed in His blood (death/burial/resurrection). A blameless Savior offered His total being – the job now is to live for Him. You can do this! If you still feel uncomfortable call the church or me or send me a note. Let me help you find Jesus – the perfect burnt offering.

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