The Word of the Month: "Ha" — Novella McClung

The word for today is Ha. Ha is an exclamation. Just to remind you of your time in school, an exclamation is a sudden cry or remark. An exclamation can show surprise, anger, derision or pain. We all have used Ha at times and even used Ha! Ha! Ha!

Ha can show surprise – “you made an A in math.” That is one Ha I have never received. My Math professor in college gave me my only C if I promised to never take another course under him. My reply was Ha – see my surprise – you have a deal!

Ha can mean you deserve what is happening to you. My daughter, 13 at the time, gave me a big Ha when she found me washing dishes because the dishwasher was not working. “Now you know how it feels! Ha you have to wash dishes!” I am still dumbfounded. In her ‘I know it all attitudes’ she thought I had never washed dishes before.

Ha can be used for being suspicious. When my husband asked me for our first date is a good example. I had a boyfriend I had dated for two years and I found out at work (where we met) that he was engaged to his high school sweetheart in another state. Ha, why was he asking me for a date? I was suspicious of his motives. The rest of the story – after weeks of asking I finally accepted and fifty-five years later, Ha! we are still happy!

Ha can be used in triumph too. Ha I have won five out of the last six games of Scrabble! This happens often at our table. My reply, Ha that is funny – another use for Ha. Ha can be used as not funny or used to teach something such as, Ha you have finally learned the car needs gas to go.

One interesting meaning for Ha is in replacement of one’s name. Where you might say the person’s full name you can substitute a Ha – instead of Mike Smith you might say Mike Ha – in derision. In Luke 4:34, New International Version, we find the word Ha. We find Jesus casting a demon out of a man. The demon uses Ha in place of Jesus’ name. In addressing Jesus, the demon knew Jesus was/is the “Holy One of God”. The demon recognized that Jesus was totally different from him. He knew who Jesus was and His power over him. But the demon chose to replace Jesus’ name with Ha thinking he could win or sidetrack Jesus.

The occult thought of that day, and even today, was in using a person’s name it gave you certain control over him. Did you catch the irony? We find the demon, which had had control over this man, acknowledging he had no control over Jesus. . The demon knew who Jesus was. He called Jesus by name. The demon has gone from Ha fears to using Jesus’ name ‘the Holy One of God’. The demon has moved to surrender because he knows Jesus. The demon was ready to battle the man but not the Son of God.

We don’t have to fight these same Ha battles over and over. The battle was won for us when Jesus died for our sins/rose again to defeat death and put us into a right relationship with God, the Father. We all tend to use the word or act out the actions of Ha. When are we going to learn Ha will not work? The next time you use the word Ha be reminded that even the demons know and bow before ‘the Holy One of God’ and yet you can have access to ‘the Holy One of God’ because of Jesus’ crucifixion, burial and ascension for us. There is no need to worry about the Has in our lives if we surrender to the One who knows us by name and protects us by name via His Name.

Choose now to allow ‘the Holy One of God’ (Jesus) to be your Savior. Your name, without a Ha in it, will be written in the Book of Life. When the demons come after you, then you will be able to use the exclamation Ha. All those demons will surrender because you by name, now belong to ‘the Holy One of God’ (Jesus). You will have the last Ha!